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2014 COTA: Double-Duty
2014 COTA: Double-Duty
September 10 2014 06:12:41 PM EST
Corvette Racing will be bringing 3 cars to Circuit of the Americas. 2 main cars for the Tudor Championship, and 1 car for the 6hr World Endurance Championship race.

Seen above is the special livery for the WEC car, sporting the #65. This one-off race will be driven by the all-American driver lineup of Tommy Milner, Jordan Taylor, and Ricky Taylor.

All 3 drivers will be pulling double duty and will be racing in both the TUSC and WEC race on the same day.

To add to the excitement, the WEC race will be the first race ever to be run into the night at COTA.

Fans who have access can watch the WEC race live on Fox Sports 2, or you can use the commercial free, paid subscription streaming WEC app for Apple and Android mobile devices. Good news for those who have FS2, you will get the good ol' Radio Le Mans crew calling the race just as will the paid subscribers using the app.

BoP for the WEC round will be near identical to Le Mans but with a reduction in fuel capacity for everyone and the Corvette does get a very slight air restrictor increase (bigger opening).

The normal 2 car team will be looking for redemption in the penultimate round of the Tudor Championship. Corvette Racing was handed a heavy performance adjustment after having 4 wins in a row, and have been nowhere since. Championship points are closing and now it's go time.

Jan Magnussen, who sat out the last race due to a concussion from an accident in practice, will be rejoining Antonio Garcia in the #3 car.

Garcia/Magnussen won the COTA round last year in the ALMS and are looking to repeat.

Antonio Garcia and the #3 team still hold the points lead for Drivers and Team, but just.

Driver's Points Post-VIR:
1. Antonia Garcia 270pts
2. #93 Viper -6pts
3. #55 BMW -20pts
#56 BMW -20pts
#91 Viper -20pts

Porsche leads the manufactures points over Chevrolet (276-274) with Dodge third on 273 and BMW fourth on 272. Porsche North America will be running at 3rd car in the Tudor GTLM class in hope to give them an extra bullet in the gun for the manufactures championship.

AoP adjustments can be seen here: - Corvette looses 15kg and restrictor enlarged 0.3mm. BMW gains 25kg and restrictor enlarged 0.4mm. Ferrari restrictor is made smaller by 0.3mm.

The full weekend's schedule can be found HERE

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Last comment:
So I get that the WEC portion of COTA will be on FS2, but what about the TUDOR part? (I recently axed FS2 after a price increase)
--- Shifter from unknown on 09.17.2014 at 3:59PM

2014 VIR: Results
2014 VIR: Results
August 24 2014 07:44:04 PM EST
First, We all know the current BoP is a joke. The Corvettes have been so far off pace since the post-Mosport BoP changes that they have not been able to make it past mid-field and have been holding up the competition. Every other car in the GTLM class has been able to drive past the Corvettes in a head-to-head battle.

Saturday, Jan Magnussen in the #3 Corvette C7.R was involved in a major accident with the #911 Porsche. There was oil on the track. the Porsche ran over it and slid off. The Corvette soon followed and made door-to-door contact at a high rate of speed. The onboard data recorder showed a 16G impact. The driver of the Porsche suffered a broken arm. Jan Magnussen was not released to race on Sunday due to a possible concussion. Jordan Taylor filled in for Jan, but this effectively takes Mags out of the championship.

The team rebuilt the totaled C7.R in about 2 hours and was able to make qualifying. The Porsche was destroyed, but they had a spare tub available.

The #3 qualified P6, only 0.05 seconds off the front row. The #4 crew admittingly missed on the setup and qualified P9.

On race day, because of the huge handicap that IMSA has on the Corvettes, the competition was able to just drive by them on the straights once again. The lack of pace from the Corvette caused stack up and frustration caused the #911 Porsche to take out the #4 Corvette. This is the 5th race this season a Corvette has been taken out by a competitor.

The lack of consistent officiating has gotten to the point that it is literally a joke on social media. The Porsche that took out the Corvette was never given a penalty. The #93 Viper also made avoidable contact with another car and was not given a penalty.

The #3 Corvette ran a flawless race, but was only able to finish P7. the #4 Corvette finished 4 laps down after pitting for major repairs after the avoidable contact from the Porsche.

Driver's Points Post-VIR:
1. Antonia Garcia 270pts
2. #93 Viper -6pts
3. #55 BMW -20pts
#56 BMW -20pts
#91 Viper -20pts

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Last comment:
Yup, IMSA (NASCAR) has sure got their favorites lined up and it aint the corvettes.

Still boggles my mind how a car with an 8.0 litre motor weighs less and carries more fuel than the Vettes 5.5 liter. This series is a joke.
--- vj from Canada on 09.10.2014 at 9:51PM

2014 WEC: Corvette To Race At COTA
2014 WEC: Corvette To Race At COTA
August 17 2014 07:54:57 AM EST
Sportscar365 has revealed that Corvette Racing will enter one Corvette C7.R in the 2014 FIA WEC round at COTA.

This year's COTA schedules sees the FIA WEC and the Tudor United Sportscar Championship race on the same day, unlike 2013 where it was split between Saturday and Sunday. Corvette Racing will enter the teams test car in the 6hr FIA WEC race, and the usual two cars in the 2hr 45min Tudor Championship race.

The drive line-up will be all American, with Tommy Milner, Jordan Taylor, and Ricky Taylor. The Taylor brother's sponsor Konica Minolta, along with Michelin, will have dual primary sponsorship of the WEC car.

While Jordan has experience with the C7.R from Le Mans, brother Ricky got to sit in the car for the first time at Road America this past weekend.

“This is an amazing opportunity. To be racing a Corvette in the FIA World Endurance Championship on American soil, with an all-American lineup… it couldn’t be any cooler,”

“It will be my first time racing in the WEC, other than doing Le Mans the past few years, so it’s going to be a bit of a different feel racing in more of a sprint race format. We’ll be representing America on a world stage. I can’t wait.”

“It is a very important weekend for us on many levels. For me it will be my first opportunity to drive for Corvette Racing and my first time in GTE Pro."

“I am really looking forward to getting to know the team and working with everyone on a race weekend. With three American drivers in an American marque, we have a really special opportunity here.”

This is a great opportunity for Chevrolet to broaden its marketing outside of the IMSA and Le Mans. It is also a great marketing opportunity for Pratt & Miller to showcase their product to potential clients that may be looking to purchase a C7.R for 2015.

It is unlikely that this is any kind of move away from IMSA towards the WEC for future plans for Corvette Racing. As a business aspect, the it does not make sense to move to WEC and abandon IMSA since 99% of all Corvette sales are in North America. Corvette is only available for sale in 4 of the 8 countries the WEC visits, 1 being the USA.

As far as BoP goes, Corvette's BoP will revert to ACO BoP as seen here. Corvette sees a 0.1mm larger restrictor compared to what was ran at LM24, and 5 less liters of fuel.

Corvette Racing is not the only TUSC team that will enter the WEC race. Extreme Speed Motorsports will enter 1 of their P2 cars, and Krone Racing will enter their GTE Ferrari.

Currently the WEC races are only available to watch via a mobile app subscription. It is unknown at this time if the WEC race will be shown on live TV in the US. We will update you as the time gets closer.

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Last comment:
I think our friends at IMSA should take a good look at the race lap speeds, the Corvettes had the 2 slowest race laps in class. Pretty sad when one of the Vipers has 2 penalties and still finishes ahead of the #3 which had a pretty clean race. Even more sad, early in the race the Ferrari had an off with a long trip through the grass, picking up a radiator full of grass in the process, comes back on after being passed by one of the Corvettes and proceeded to drive right back around the Corvette on the straight like he was on the freeway. Just not right, they need to get this BOP thing a LOT better.
--- GS10tk from Syracuse, NY on 08.24.2014 at 10:45PM

2014 Road America: Results
2014 Road America: Results
August 12 2014 10:21:44 AM EST
Round 8 for the Tudor Championship brought us to Elkheart Lake, Wisconsin - Road America.This was the site of the very first C7.R test nearly a year ago.

Porsche was given some BoP favors before Indianapolis but were unable to make the changes in time for the Indy race. After Indy a revised bulletin was issued. Apparently their was a typo on the original and the Porsche was actually allowed an even bigger front splitter then previously posted. All 3 GTLM Porsches had all of the updates at Road America.

The pre-Indy BoP adjustments have obviously hindered Corvette Racing. This is the 2nd race in a row both cars have qualified on the bottom half of the GTLM field. This time, the #4 (driven by Oliver Gavin) out qualified the #4 (driven by Jan Magnussen), but the team could only manage P6 & P8.

Magnussen - "Qualifying was difficult. Obviously eighth place in qualifying is not where we like to be, and it's no fault of the efforts of the team. Fortunately, we traditionally have been very good for the races and over long runs, no matter our qualifying positions. That has been the focus of our practice sessions this weekend. Hopefully it will make a difference in the outcome tomorrow."

Gavin - "We have focused quite hard on getting a good race car here. For a longer run we are in pretty good shape from what we can see from practice so far. I feel reasonably confident that we're going to be getting better as the race goes on. I felt as I was qualifying the car was coming, coming and coming, and I felt like the next lap was going to be a bit better. That is a promising sign for the race. In practice we had the same thing. So I'm quietly confident that we are going to get the maximum out of our car here for our team this weekend. It is going to be tough - very, very tough. You just look at the gap between us and the cars on the front row and it is pretty substantial. I remember here a couple of years ago when there was a two-tenths split between the first seven cars. Now we are in the position where there is a second split between the top six or more which is kind of disappointing and frustrating. It is what it is, and we can only work with what we've got. I think that Chuck (Houghton, Corvette Racing engineering manager) and all the guys on the No. 4 car have maximized that over the weekend, and we have made good use of our time on track. We haven't been hit by too many problems or issues, so I feel that we are a ready as we can be for the race."

On race day, the team also struggled with pace, posting the 7th and 8th quickest lap times in class. They also struggled with with execution, seeing Tommy Milner run the red light at pit exit causing a stop +60 second penalty. The #3 also had an unscheduled pit stop with a cut tire.

Caution after caution, debris and wrecked cars were all over the track. Pit lane was like rush hour traffic. Overall....this race was a mess, and if you were trying to follow it on the tape delayed/commercial infested TV broadcast then it was even worse. Corvette Racing finished 6th and 7th.

Garcia - "It was quite a nightmare out there. The debris puncture on our tire put us out of sequence; we were already out of sequence a little bit. I found myself trying to defend even on new tires. The car was good but we were getting hammered out there."

Magnussen - "It was a very hectic and crazy race. We tried a gamble early by taking two tires. The second caution coming out soon after that hurt our chances, along with a piece of debris puncturing one of our tires. We scored the maximum amount of points that we could today, which was the goal. We will turn our focus to VIR now and hopefully be in better position to fight for a win and podium."

Gavin - "It was another day that kind of summarizes our year. The call for two tires early was a good one but unfortunately the penalty pushed us back down the order. My stint started well and I could run pretty good lap times and stay with the cars directly in front of me. The incident with one of the Vipers ruined any chance we had for a good result. It's a shame as the team did a fantastic job getting us up to fifth. But we will regroup and be ready for VIR and hope for a repeat of our 2012 victory."

Milner - "It was a pretty rough couple of laps at the start. Both the driver's side and passenger's side and the rear bumper and front bumper all had contact. In some places, I was trying to make room for myself around people who didn't want to give me room. It's how the racing is, trying to get around PC cars. The car wasn't bad."

VIDEO: Road America Qualifying
VIDEO: Race Broadcast

The next round is at VIR, Sunday August 24th. This is a GTLM/GTD only race.

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Last comment:
I honestly do understand the need for some sort of equalization within each class, but the criteria needs some serious work. I just have a real issue with ANY team being penalized for basically being consistent and reasonably fast both on track and on pit lane. Those 4 wins came from a very good car, very good decision making and pit work and very good driving, and not from being faster than everyone else, just being better at what they do. In the last 2 races the #3 cars point lead has shrunk from 19 to only 8 for no other reason than the cars being handcuffed, look at the qualifying times, nearly 2 seconds off pole time? I think most will agree that that sort of gap is NOT fair competition. I have not given up hope on this new series yet, but I think there is a lot more they can do to make it better, and it starts with good competition within class, not favorable treatment to get/keep manufacturers in the series. While I'm on a rant, maybe a change they could make to keep things less confusing to those new to watching this type of racing, and stop calling the Chevrolet powered DP cars Corvettes? They are not Corvettes, but Chevrolet powered DP cars, the only Corvettes and the only "Factory" GM team is the GTLM Corvette Racing Team, I've had many ask me why there are so many "Corvettes" in the series, and it gets confusing to those not familiar with the different classes.
--- GS10tk from Syracuse, NY on 08.21.2014 at 12:20AM

BoP: What Exactly Is it?
BoP: What Exactly Is it?
July 29 2014 11:06:08 PM EST
In the world of sportscar racing, you hear the term "BoP" a lot. "BoP" is an acronym for Balance of Performance. Some series call it different things, but it is all the same. Some fans that may not follow the series as hardcore as others may not know what it is or how it works.

Here we will explain everything as it relates to the GTE/GTLM class in the Tudor United Sports Car Championship and the ACO related series around the globe such as the World Endurance Championship. Note: Other racing series or other classes may vary in how they do their BoP.

Balance of Performance is the ongoing adjustment of a cars performance in relation to other cars, on a case by case basis, to allow for close competition throughout the class.

1) Close on track performance - In the GTE/GTLM class we have Corvette, Porsche, BMW, Viper, Ferrari, and Aston Martin. Front engine, rear engine, and mid-engine configurations. All different answers to the same set of regulations. These manufactures spend upwards of 8 figures ($xx,xxx,xxx) to develop, run, be competitive, and hopefully win, all in the name of advertising and hopes that you will buy a vehicle from them when the time comes. All they want is a fair shot at their competition.
2) Cost Reduction - When the performance bar is level, it prevents an "arms race" to see who can bring the bigger and better each weekend until the competition can't afford to keep up.
3) Entertainment Value - Fans don't like watching the same cars dominate race after race. Teams/drivers also like to know they stand a chance any given weekend.

The sanctioning body of the series makes the decisions on how and when to change the BoP.

The ACO is the sanctioning body for the GTE Class in the WEC, which includes the 24hrs of Le Mans. The GTE class (GTLM in the US) regulations are also made by the ACO
(Automobile Club de l'Ouest).

IMSA is the sanctioning body for the GTLM Class in the Tudor United Sports Car Championship. The regulations are the same as the ACO's class, but IMSA applies their own BoP. For the most part, any time an IMSA team, such as Corvette Racing, goes to Le Mans the BoP is adjusted based on the ACO BoP. IMSA has no say on BoP outside of the American series. There have been some exceptions in the past, such as the Vipers in 2012, where the ACO did not have enough data to calculate their own BoP, so they used IMSA's restrictor size.

1) Weight - 1245kg is the baseline vehicle weight for the GTE/GTLM class per the FIA/ACO rules & regulations.
2) Sonic Air Restrictors - Each car/engine is unique. There is no "baseline" for restrictor size. 1 or 2 restrictors may be used depending on the number of intakes.
3) Gurney - Gurney is the vertical flap on the trailing edge of the wing.
4) Fuel Tank Capacity - 90L is the max capacity per ACO regulations. IMSA allows larger fuel cells to address the issue of class separation. Plastic balls of different volumes are placed in the fuel cell to adjust the capacity.
5) Rear Wing Height - Wing height is measured from the tallest point of the roof. Baseline is 0mm.
6) Refueling Restrictors - Depending on fuel tank capacity, restrictors are changed on the fuel rig to adjust fuel flow, as to not disadvantage anyone during refueling.
7) Any other technical modification that the sanctioning body may deem necessary

Each car has a mandatory performance data recorder. After each event, all performance data is downloaded and given to the series officials. Any information required by the series in order to achieve these adjustments must be supplied by the competitors. Any competitor who deliberately gives false information, or attempts to influence the adjustment process may be given a sanction. Changes are not subject to protest or appeal.

IMSA also relies on public timing loop data for a large part of its analysis. This keeps the process transparent and allows the teams, fans, and manufactures to have the same data as the series to calculate BoP.

BoP data is always taken from the race, not qualifying.

The fastest average lap time is calculated using the number of laps which corresponds to 20% of the race distance.

BoP is also calculated for each model homologated, not per team. Example: All teams running a 2014 Porsche 911 RSR will receive the same BoP. At the same time, if there are any teams running a different homologated year or evolution of the type, a separate BoP can be issued.

Transparency is key. The sanctioning body has extensive conversations with the manufactures prior to the release of any BoP changes.

The sanctioning body will then issue a public release of the information in a Competition Bulletin. The manufactures all know what is coming prior to the release of the bulletin. These bulletins are publicly available to view online.

IMSA Competition Bulletins
FIA/ACO Competition Bulletins

We want to thank IMSA's Vice President of Competition and Technical Regulations Scot Elkins for helping us fact check this article and give us some insight into the process.

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Last comment:
comments:Not even taking into consideration the extra stops for the cut tire or the penalty, I think qualifying told the story here. It was only a couple races back that the top 8 or 9 cars in class were covered by about 2 or 3 tenths, but this time it was over 1 second covering the top 6. The Corvettes placed 6 and 8 in qualifying, and during the race neither car seemed able to move forward on pace, and the finishing spots of both cars was very discouraging. I'm definitely not a fair weather fan or constant complainer, but the BOP put on the Corvettes was just not right. I think the race laps and trap speeds will bear this out, in no way should a 5.5 liter Corvette be carrying more weight than an 8.0 liter Viper, all I ask is a fair chance to win, nothing more. If they keep using BOP to dictate which make wins races and championships, then the Series loses any validity they have or had. I agree that Team Corvette does not engage in the bitching and whining tactics some other teams use, but maybe it's time they start, it seems to work for them. 2 races ago our points lead was 19 points, now it's down to 8, and at this point I think the Vipers are the cars to beat for the Title.
--- GS10tk from Syracuse, NY on 08.12.2014 at 11:52PM

2014 Indy: Results
2014 Indy: Results
July 27 2014 09:35:53 PM EST
This is the first time Corvette Racing has been to the Indianapolis road coarse. This is also the first year with the new configuration.

With the new BoP changes, qualifying was tough, although all 10 GTLM cars were within 0.859 seconds. The #3 Corvette took P6, and #4 was P10. The #3 was 0.2 seconds from pole.

Garcia (#3) stated, "We were two tenths off which I think I proved again that we took 100 percent out of what we had. So we have confidence toward the race. Anything can happen so we might be sixth, but we are only a tenth off second. It's very close out there. There is a lot to be gained or lost in traffic. I think that is where Corvette Racing will gain on everybody, and if we run a smart race we can go for a fifth victory."

Milner (#4) said, "It's first time here for us, and we obviously came here this weekend with some rules changes that were pretty much stacked against us. The No. 3 Corvette C7.R guys have been fast all year, qualifying up front. Now they can do no better than sixth. We are obviously on the back foot there, but I think we just missed it with the setup on our car. We were okay earlier today. We have been struggling all year a little bit with pace in our car. I think we got a little bit off plan with what we kind of set out to do this weekend. It seemed to work but I think it hurt us here in qualifying. It's so close in GTLM that if you have a bad session, that is it and you are at the back. It's not where you want to be, but the car seemed good in practice on old tires compared to our competitors. It seemed like we were quick. At least from last there is nowhere else to go but up. That is what I'm looking forward to tomorrow."

The race was no different. The Corvettes could keep pace with the GTLM pack but didn't have enough to make a pass, particularly without help from traffic.

Speaking of traffic, the #3 Corvette was spun by a GTD class Porsche 30 minutes into the race pushing them from 4th at the time to 10th. This is the 4th race in a row one of the Corvettes have had contact from another car on track.

Several cars did meet some attrition and made some mistakes. This helped the Corvettes and they ultimately finished 4th and 5th.

Antonio Garcia: #3 Corvette C7.R
"Who knows... (without the contact) we may could have fought for the podium at the end. We've been fighting really hard the whole season to be up there. We were not necessarily the fastest but we did it by being smart. Today we had probably the slowest car out there and still managed to place fourth and fifth. I hope there will be a time where there will be a Corvette fight like we had except for P1 and P2. It was fun and really good but would be even better if it was for a win."

Jan Magnussen: #3 Corvette C7.R
"It was such a shame about the contact out there. I'm not sure what happened. I think the guy on the inside lost it and hit me, and spun me around. Up until then, the car was pretty decent. We were fighting with everybody. Traffic was really bad out there. It is really, really hard to do anything other than follow the guy ahead. I don't know if the car got damage, but it seemed we lost a little bit after the contact. We'll have to maximize our points score today. Hopefully we will have a better race at Road America."

Oliver Gavin: #4 Corvette C7.R
"I think we're gaining on the car. Chuck Houghton (No. 4 engineer) worked pretty hard on that overnight. Tommy drove a great first stint. It was pretty crazy there especially when Jan spun around, there was a lot of smoke everywhere and Tommy did a great job of missing that. When I got in, we knew it was going to be tough to the end fighting with Antonio. I had a little bit of a braking issue. I got balked up in traffic too on one lap and Antonio got by. This track makes for hectic and crazy racing. Both our cars finished with plenty of bumps and scraped. We certainly made some progress and it was good to get a good, solid fifth place with no problems. Onward to Road America to see what we can get there."

Tommy Milner: #4 Corvette C7.R
"That was a long stint but a lot of fun. Sometimes you are in the car for a long time, whatever that was, and you are racing nobody or anything, and it is boring. But that was the complete opposite of boring. That was chaos. It was just madness on the race track everywhere...every lap. There may have been three or four laps total that I did that were very calm. But it was a lot of fun. The car felt good, so the guys did a great job getting the car to where it needed to be for the race."

Interesting notes from the weekend:
-Porsche, which was allowed some BoP adjustments in their favor, were unable to make the changes in time for the Indy race, yet were arguably the strongest cars in the race. Despite one of the factory cars having engine failure and DNF.

-Corvette had the 3rd (#4 Gavin) and 8th (#3 Garcia) quickest race laps.

-Ferrari gained the most from the BoP adjustments, going from the slowest at Mosport to pole position at Indy and 2nd quickest race lap at Indy.

1. #3 Corvette (219pts)
2. #93 Viper (-13pts)
3. #55 BMW (-22pts)
4. #91 Viper (-24pts)
5. #4 Corvette (-27pts)

VIDEO: Indy Race Broadcast - Commercial Free

The next race is at Road America, Sunday August 10th, 6:30pm ET on FS1.

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Last comment:
72, I think the series is better off without fans like you. It seems you\'re here to do nothing but complain, and not getting any results. Do you know why? You\'re complaining on the wrong forum. I suggest contacting the IMSA with your thoughts so the appropriate individuals actually see your stupid rants. I regularly visit this site and as a Vette fan it embarrasses me to see your comments. 4 wins in a row and you\'re complaining about a little BoP adjustment, really? Get out, the USC doesn\'t need fans like you.

I\'ve followed the ALMS since its inception. I have no issues with BoP, and I suggest you other fans try to do the same. There has been nothing but close racing all year long - and not just in GTLM, but other classes as well which have also received BoP adjustments.

I also suggest that you do some research. Not only have you complained non-stop in so many posts on this site, but almost every bit of information that was posted above is publicly available on other forums and even IMSA\'s website. None of this is new, and if you were such a fan of this series, you would have known a long time ago that BoP existed.

You either accept the fact that BoP exists and accept the series, or go start your own series without any BoP with raw horsepower and displacement, and see who sticks around. Good luck.
--- anon from blah on 07.30.2014 at 7:58AM


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