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2014 Watkins Glen: Results
2014 Watkins Glen: Results
July 01 2014 12:50:26 AM EST
Corvette Racing has never been to Watkins Glen in their 15 years of racing.

While the team was in France for the 24hrs of Le Mans, most of the other GTLM teams were at WGI testing. Meanwhile Corvette Racing had less than 2 weeks to ship the cars back to Pratt & Miller, rebuild the cars, and arrive at WGI for the weekend.

Qualifying: Top 9 in GTLM covered 1 second. #3 Corvette was P2, and the #4 Corvette was P7.

Race: After 2 laps, Jan Magnussen put the #3 Corvette C7.R into the lead.....and never looked back. The #3 car lead nearly flag to flag to take their 3rd victory in a row.

Tommy Milner in the #4 Corvette drove from 7th on the grid to 2nd within the first 5 min of the race. The pair lead the the race 1-2 for 5 hours until the #4 Corvette was called into the penalty box for a stop and go, pushing them down to 4th.

The penalty was originally a stop plus hold for 70 seconds, but it was under review for over an hour. After a full driver stint, the call was made for the stop and go penalty, killing the #4 car's race. The incident in question was questionable at best, and did not deserve a penalty. See for yourself. The pass happenes after 8:00.

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Watch race two...even better!
--- Shifter from unknown on 07.07.2014 at 1:08PM

2014 Le Mans 24hr: Results
2014 Le Mans 24hr: Results
June 16 2014 06:38:53 PM EST
Just before the official test day, there was an official BoP test for the GTE manufactures. At the same time, the Corvette C7.R received it's official ACO homologation.

Despite some politicking from a certain British manufacture, the ACO got the BoP spot on. All of the manufactures were competitive and all lead the race at one point.

Pre-Race Attrition:
-The #99 GTE-Pro Aston Martin was crashed in practice Wednesday night and was written off. No new chassis was available.
-#71 GTE-Pro Ferrari was crashed Thursday during qualifying and was written off. Luckily a new chassis was available and the team built a new car for the race.
-#92 GTE-Pro Porsche was crashed Thursday during qualifying, but was fixable. The car did not qualify and started from the back.

-Apart from the pole setting #51 Ferrari, which managed a magic lap a full second ahead of P2, it was very close.
-P2 through P6 were within a second. Over the span of 8.5 miles that is extremely close.
-Corvettes qualified P2 and P4.

GTE-Pro is the best of the best from Corvette, Ferrari, Porsche, and Aston Martin. For the first 12 hours the lead changed constantly between all 4 makes, but as the race went on attrition and luck caught many teams out.
-#91 Porsche was caught in an accident in the rain, causing it to go in the garage for repairs
-#71 Ferrari was destroyed in a crash in the rain
-#73 Corvette was caught behind the safety car on 3 separate occasions, putting them nearly a 1/2 lap behind from the GTE leaders each time. They also had the ACO mandated air chuck safety on the air jacks break, causing more time in the pits to fix.
-#74 Corvette was told to come in because the illuminated door number wasn't bright enough. The team had to replace the door. Later they had a differential leak causing the alternator belt to slip and come off. They stopped for repairs twice to fix both issues.
-#97 Aston Martin had power steering issues

The only car that had a flawless race was the #51 Ferrari, and rightfully so they won the race.

Despite their issues, the #73 Corvette of Jan Magnussen, Antonio Garcia, and Jordan Taylor kept the hammer down and fought back and finished P2, only 1 lap down from the leader. A solid effort by all. Garcia, in his final stint of the race, posted the 2nd fastest lap of the race at 3:53.869, nearly 1 second quicker then the pole time. The #74 car finished P4

Official Press Release
PHOTOS: Test Day
PHOTOS: Race Week
Race Results

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damn right John. Never ever look back. We\'ll have our take on this major CR victory by tonight.
--- eddie from unknown on 06.30.2014 at 11:00AM

2014 Le Mans 24hr Info
2014 Le Mans 24hr Info
June 07 2014 07:18:19 PM EST
Schedule of Events
Scrutineering Schedule
Radio Le Mans
Spotter Guides
World Clock
Le Mans Weather
Entry List

GTE-Pro BoP - Corvette is running the same BoP as they run in the Tudor Championship.

How to Watch
US TV - All times EST:
8:30am-4:00pm FS1
4:00pm-5:00pm FS2
5:00pm-6:30pm FSGo
6:30pm-1:00am FS2
1:00am-7:30am FS1
7:30am-9:30am FS2

Onboard camera showing the C7R on FSGO

FSGo is only available to those with TV providers that provide it. Click Here to check if your provider is listed.

For those of us who do not get FS2, the ACO has offered an app to watch the race for a premium package of about $13.00 (9.90 euros): App is on sale June 11, 2014 for iOS & Android

24 Hours of Le Mans
Corvette Racing
#73 Drivers
Jan Magnussen
Antonio Garcia
Jordan Taylor
#74 Drivers
Tommy Milner
Oliver Gavin
Richard Westbrook

Follow our Twitter @Badboyvettes for minute to minute updates throughout the race weekend.

Tom & Suzy who run the Corvette Racing merchandise store will be at Le Mans and they will be posting pictures from their tent. Check it out on Instagram.

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I drove up to Le Mans with my 14yr old son. We have enjoyed the race! The C7.R sound was the nicest engine sound. The cornering looked awesome. We now want Jake to feature on our own C6
--- Johan from The Hague on 06.28.2014 at 10:47AM

2014 LM24: Test Day
2014 LM24: Test Day
June 01 2014 09:00:03 PM EST
Corvette Racing made their C7.R debut at La Sarthe at the official Le Mans test day, following the GTE-Pro BoP test, this weekend.

-Aston Martin V8 Vantage GTE gained 5 liters of fuel capacity (95 liters)
-Porsche 911 GT3 RSR & 911 RSR remain at 90 liters
-Ferrari 458 & Corvette C7.R are allowed to carry 85 liters
-Ferrari 458 received the green light to run in a specific Le Mans trim
-Corvette C7.R gained an extra 1.3mm on its two restrictors, while the rear wing was lowered by 25 mm.

Test Day:
Corvette Racing ran a trouble free test during the two 4-hour sessions. Oliver Gavin set the P4 time of 3:58.403 in the #74, and Jan Magnussen set P6 at 3:59.192.

The #73 completed 45 laps – tied for the most in class – while the #74 completed 44 laps. The top six cars were within two seconds, which bodes well for a competitive race.

Test Day Results
Photo Gallery

“The Chevrolet Corvette C7.R is a major step forward compared to last year’s car. So far we’ve worked on our usual, annual to-do-list for Le Mans, and everything is going to plan. With the new car we of course have a lot more work to do than with the previous car, which was always a known package. But so far everything we tried and at Road America seems to be working here and we’re definitely going in the right direction.”

“We just improved the car as we went along. It was very hard to already find a race setup given the conditions of the track (green and dirty after a year). All three of us were happy with the changes we made, and we specifically made some good progress on the brakes. We came here with a car that was very good straight out of the box, so we could stick to the plan we had set ourselves to do today.”

“I didn’t get too much time in the car yet. So far I’ve tested the car at Road America, so it was good to spend half a day in Le Mans. The car feels quite comfortable. That’s the most important thing here in Le Mans – to have a car you feel comfortable driving and which all three drivers feel comfortable with setup wise. All three of us are happy with where we are and we are definitely looking forward to the race.”

“The track was very dirty in the beginning and it took a while to be good enough. Everybody seemed to waiting for the track to become nice and clean. By the second half of the morning session is was good enough for everybody to work with it. All in all it’s been a good first run with the C7.R here in Le Mans. The car seems to be very predictable here. It does what we want it to do.”

“We went through our program of changes and ideas to make the car better, both in handling and performance. I’m fairly happy with where we are now. After all the changes we made, I did a run on new tires early in the afternoon session and the car felt a lot better than this morning on used tires. This is a first good test for the Corvette C7.R here, and things have been a lot better so far than last year around the same time.”

“The first few laps were pretty strange, having raced in the Detroit TUDOR Championship race less than 24 hours before. There are probably no two more opposite cars like the Corvette DP and the Corvette C7.R, just like there are no two more opposite tracks like Belle Isle and Le Mans. Other than that the car felt really good with no major issues so all I had to do was to make sure I felt comfortable. I’m quite looking forward to the race the week after next.”

“Unlike in years past when there was a huge differential between the different types of cars, this year they are all pretty closely bunched together. This is of course testament to the efforts made by the sanctioning body in creating a very good balance of performance. We’re pleased with where we are on a performance standpoint and are looking forward to qualifying in 10 days with the new Corvette C7.Rs.”

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Regarding the BMW Z4 GTLM cars, I don\'t believe that they are able to complete because BMW does not offer this car for sale to the public. Editorial: So why are they allowed to be raced in the Tudor Series in the US? Follow the money......
--- Nemesis from GA on 06.07.2014 at 8:39AM

Fehan be be Awarded "Spirit of Le Mans"
Fehan be be Awarded
May 26 2014 08:02:31 PM EST
Doug Fehan, or Godug as we call him, is the "Program Manager" for Corvette Racing, but his role is so much mole that just a corporate title.

Doug has been an ambassador for the brand since the team's inception in 1999, and is a massive part of the team's success.

Corvette Racing has racked up 92 victories in endurance (82 in the American Le Mans Series, 7 at Le Mans, 1 at Daytona and 2 this season in the Tudor United SportsCar Championship) plus 10 manufacturers’ and teams’ championship titles in the American Le Mans Series and 9 drivers’ titles.

On top of his job at General Motors, Doug holds a seat on the FIA sporting group as the manufacture's representative for all manufacturers, and has been an ambassador for the sport and for the 24hrs of Le Mans.

Fehan will be awarded the Spirit of Le Mans on Friday evening 13th June by President Pierre Fillon, a prize given by the Automobile Club de l’Ouest to all those who have served the spirit of Le Mans.

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What a truly classy individual! I have gotten to speak with Doug like many others, at the Corvette corrals. He is gracious, patient, and makes you feel he is with you, and shares his many experiences candidly, and competently. "Ambassador" is a great term. We are so lucky to have had a man of such talent associated with this great car racing effort. This is a golden age for us as Corvette and Corvette Racing fans - how fortunate we truly are!!
--- Vetteboy53 from NH on 05.28.2014 at 9:12PM

2014 Le Mans 24hr: GTE-Pro BoP Test
2014 Le Mans 24hr: GTE-Pro BoP Test
May 14 2014 11:36:37 PM EST
Manufactures spend millions of dollars on these factory race programs to showcase their respected brands. In return, all they ask for if for the playing field to be level to allow the best team to win. Last year the FIA introduced a new process for BoP then the ACO had done in the past at the 24hrs of Le Mans. The result was terrible and saw Porsche and Aston Martin drive away from the field, Corvette and Viper were uncompetitive at best, and Ferrari was somewhere in the middle. The manufactures voiced their opinions and the FIA heard them loud and clear. Even the manufactures that were on the positive side of the BoP had issues with it, because when your competitors are rendered uncompetitive a victory is tarnished.

For 2014 the ACO and the FIA will be holding a GTE-Pro Class BoP Test on the last week of May, a week prior to the official Le Mans test day. The test will be held at Michelin's Ladoux test facility in France.

One car from each manufacturer (Ferrari, Porsche, Corvette, Aston Martin) will take part, with FIA test driver Jean-Marc Gounon set to handle driving duties over a four-day period.

The objective will not only be to balance the cars in their low-downforce Le Mans aero configuration, but also around the conventional BoP parameters such as weight and air restrictor size as well.

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ACO lowered the rear spoiler 25mm and modified the air restrictor size.
--- Nemesis from GA on 06.01.2014 at 6:41PM


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