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2015 Rolex 24hr at Daytona: Info
2015 Rolex 24hr at Daytona: Info
January 20 2015 02:10:28 PM EST
USA TV Coverage announced for the Rolex 24.
2-4 Fox Network
4-8 Fox Sports 2
8-10 Fox Sports 1
10-7a.m. Sunday IMSA TV
7-2.30 Fox Sports 1.

Spotter Guides
Radio Le Mans
Entry List
Event Schedule
BoP for Daytona

Tudor United Sports Car Championship
Corvette Racing
Jan Magnussen
Antonio Garcia
Ryan Brisco
Tommy Milner
Oliver Gavin
Simon Pagenaud

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Great job fellas!
--- Shifter from unknown on 01.25.2015 at 9:27PM

The Original Badboyvette - SR-2
The Original Badboyvette - SR-2
January 14 2015 11:03:51 PM EST
The 1956 Corvette SR-2 was the first ever factory produced Corvette race car. For the first time ever, it is being offered for sale. Asking price? How about $6.885 Million?

A total of three SR-2 Corvettes were made: the original race race, the 2nd one was built for Bill Mitchell, and the 3rd, a show car, went to GM President Red Curtice. The one for sale is #1, VIN #2522.

Early in the Corvette brand’s life Harley Earl’s son was racing a Ferrari. In 1956 the elder Earl instructed his son to sell the Italian car as GM would assist in building him a serious racing Corvette. Work on the uber vette began in May 1956 with over 17 engineers toiling away. At that time the body was modified and the Sebring Racing brakes and suspension were added. Separate small windshields were added as was a low fin down the middle of the trunk. Additionally, the front was lengthened and the side cove stainless steel was installed. The parking lamps were modified to allow cool air to reach the front brakes. The work was complete by June 13th.

In late June 1956 Jerry Earl drove the car during practice for the June Sprints at Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. He eventually spun the car and Dr. Dick Thompson took over the driving duties for the 6 hour race. Afterward Thompson noted that the car needed a diet and more power.

Earl continued to run the car in the Central Region SCCA through 1957. Over the following winter it was morphed into the form we know today. A 331CI fuel injected engine and 4 speed transmission were installed. At this time the larger tail fin was mounted as was the new gas tank filler cap. The SR-2 went on its badly needed diet and had the entire stock interior removed. Fiberglass door panels and lightweight Porsche seats were added as well. Overall curb weight was lowered by 300lbs.

Jim Jeffords, National B/P SCCA Champion in 1958 and 1959, purchased the car on January 28, 1958. The original bill of sale still remains with the car as well as Earl’s and Jeffords’ original titles and notarized transfers.


The car was on display in Scottsdale, AZ January 12th-14th. A special cocktail reception was held, and we were lucky enough to attend. Check out all the photos in the link below.

SR-2 Photo Gallery

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the most beautiful racer car of the world
--- coone bruno from france on 01.17.2015 at 10:35AM

Meet the 2015 Team
Meet the 2015 Team
January 07 2015 11:37:01 AM EST
Corvette Racing’s 2015 lineup has been revealed. Antonio Garcia and Jan Magnussen (No. 3) and Tommy Milner and Oliver Gavin (No. 4) will continue as the main 4 full season drivers.

For the Daytona, Sebring, and Petit, Indy Car stars Ryan Briscoe and Simon Pagenaud will join the team.

Ryan Briscoe returns as third driver in the No. 3 car; the Australian raced with Corvette at Daytona, Sebring and Petit Le Mans last year. Simon Pagenaud, now a Chevrolet driver in IndyCar with Team Penske, will join Milner and Gavin in the No. 4.

The 2015 season starts Jan 9-11th at the Roar Before the 24, in Daytona. The Rolex 24h at Daytona is Jan 22-25th.

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From what was reported by the journalist who were there, the GTLM car with the highest top speed was..........BMW. Hmm....
--- Nemesis from GA on 01.12.2015 at 4:45PM

2014 TUSC Season Recap
2014 TUSC Season Recap
December 30 2014 10:48:39 PM EST

Daytona - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6
Sebring - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Long Beach - Part 1
Laguna Seca - Part 1
Watkins Glen - Part 1, Part 2
Mosport - Part 1
Road America - Part 1
VIR - Part 1
COTA - Part 1
Petit Le Mans - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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Best of luck to Corvette Racing and everyone at P&M. I am just not 100% sold on the new series. I don't believe there will be much improvement over last year. I also am a non-believer in the first race. I realize I am in a minority here, but I just don't like to claim I am watching a sports car race where the majority of the lap is spent on the high banks of a tri-oval. It looks more like a NASCAR race. I will wait for Sebring.
--- TR6speed from Florida on 01.10.2015 at 8:57AM

2015 IMSA GTLM Lookahead
2015 IMSA GTLM Lookahead
October 08 2014 03:32:44 AM ESTSportscar 365
2014 was a difficult year a number of levels. We had a merger of the two major sportscar racing entities in the United States, new cars, new tracks, new rules, bad calls, no calls, balance of performance...the list goes on and on.

Corvette's mid-season performance adjustment were obviously out of line, and something was going on behind the scenes that no one wanted to talk about. All became clear Monday morning after Petit Le Mans.

Headlines broke that Chrysler was discontinuing the factory Viper GTLM program effective immediately. Earlier in the season when it was announced that they were pulling their 24hr of Le Mans entries, it was clear that a review of the program was happening. Viper sales have been poor since the new Viper was launched, possibly due to the overwhelming competition by the new Corvette Stingray and the upcoming Z06 for a fraction of the Viper's price.

Looking back, it was clear that Chrysler was communicating with IMSA behind the scenes and they wanted to get something out of their investment before pulling the plug. In our opinion, this is very unfortunate for everyone involved. It takes an army of people and countless hours of dedication and time away from family to even get a program of this scale up and running, let alone running smooth and having a competitive car. On average, it takes a manufacture three years to have a well oiled and competitive team. In just it's 2nd full year of competition, SRT Motorsports managed to win the driver's championship. It has to be a shock to the system to have the high of winning the championship, then the next day be told that you are out of a job.

We salute the people like Ralph Gilles who are the true enthusiast who know what it takes and know what a program like this does for a company. Unfortunately in the corporate world, the bean counters almost always win. Those at Chrysler do not understand that despite lack of sales, Viper is the flagship for the entire Chrysler corporation. Corvette does not race just to sell Corvettes. It has taken many years for people like Doug Fehan to convince GM execs that. And when the times got tough, and GM went bankrupt, all of the programs were reviewed and Corvette Racing survived because the ROI was realized. Ask any fans at the race track and they will say they own more that one Chevy product.

Corvette Racing is a 15 year veteran of the sport and is clearly here for the long term. That being said, BoP has been a hot topic this season. It was noted by some fans that were present at the Corvette Corral at Petit that Doug Fehan, although democratic, was clearly aware and unhappy about the BoP situation. Corvette Racing ambassador Ron Fellows was said to be a little less democratic. Either way, a meeting with IMSA is in the works.

Risi Competizione has had a rough couple of years. Since the rise of AF Corse, Ferrari has not given the support to Risi like they once did. And to top it all, the team has had 3 cars destroyed in the past 2 seasons. All of that combined with bad luck and lack of anything in return has caused some stress. To top it all, the pit lane accident at Petit Le Mans, and IMSA's lack of action sent team owner Giuseppe Risi and team over the edge. Risi's decision to continue racing in the IMSA series is now in question.

Team RLL is confident that they will be back for 2015 with the V8 powered BMW Z4s. The current Z4 was always planned to only be used through 2015 with a replacement for 2016. It was just anounced that BMW will be developing a M6 GT3 for its future motorsport program. No word yet if a GTE or Le Mans spec version will be made. They may still be waiting for confirmation of "GT convergence" like many manufacture's.

Falken, winners of Petit Le Mans for the 2nd year running, have just announced that Falken will continue in the Tudor Championship for 2015. They are currently trying to acquire more sponsors for the possibility of running a 2nd car. Something that the team has had as a goal for a few years now. Falken has gained some success over the past few years and is now a serious contender.

Core Autosport took on the huge task of being to new home of Porsche North America's new factory team for 2014. Out of the gate they won Dayton and Sebring and ended up taking home the team and manufacture's championship. Look for them to be a strong force in 2015 as well.

At this time it is unknown if Aston Martin will make a return to IMSA competition. They left the 2014 season early after frustrations with BoP.

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I had almost given up on Corvette IMSA racing after the ridiculous 2014 season were it seemed rigged against corvette. Your article gives me hope the BS will stop.
--- Gregg Gunta from Wisconsin on 01.14.2015 at 5:28PM

2014 Petit Le Mans: Results
2014 Petit Le Mans: Results
October 06 2014 10:55:22 PM EST
Going into the final race of the season, we all knew that Corvette Racing didn't stand a fair chance at victory. At the start of the weekend the Corvettes were seen at the top of the time charts in practice, but qualifying brought out the truth. They qualified 6th and 9th.

Any remote chance of the driver's championship disappeared after hour 2 of the race when a traffic jam in pit lane destroyed the front end of the #3 Corvette.

The #4 had a chance at the NAEC but couldn't keep pace with the Porsches at the end.

#4 finished 4th, #3 finished 8th 3 laps down.

Kuno Wittmer (Viper) won the driver's championship. Porsche won the manufacture's championship. The #912 won the NAEC team championship, and Porsche claimed the NAEC for manufacture's.


"The car was pretty good. We were sure it would be, and it showed. I was putting a lot of pressure on some cars and there were a lot of really tight moments, especially in traffic. I had to be both careful and aggressive. It was a very smooth first stint. In the second, I started to be more aggressive where I could pass two or three cars and got up to fourth. We had a really good last stop where I stayed in while coming in fourth. We went out in the lead and that was the first time we encountered the red light at the end of the pits. Kyle (Millay, engineer) told me right before we pitted that I needed to be careful with the red light, and I told him that I would take care of getting in the fast lane and he needed to tell me if the light was on or not. It's very difficult going from the pit box to the fast line and checking your mirror, and on top of that checking to see if the red light is on. I stopped but while I was sitting there I almost got hit by everyone - five or 10 seconds later I could see a big cloud of smoke coming at me. On the third stop we got unlucky because we were leading but was only halfway through a fuel stint."


"Leaving the pits, a bunch of us came out at the exact time so we were going down to the exit at the same time. Kyle (Millay, No. 3 engineer) was telling me over the radio that the pit lane was red so I knew I had to start to slow down. I couldn't see the Ferrari in front of me because the Porsche was covering him. And then I was going to slow at the same rate as him, and he seemed to be slowing down a little and I just followed him. Apparently he was still doing his belts so he just rammed the Ferrari and stopped right in front of me and kind of jumped sideways. If he had stopped there, it would have been fine and I would have slipped by. But he bounced out to the side in front of me and I collected him in his rear corner and did a lot of damage to the front of our car. It's so tough."


"It was great to come and finish the season with the team. I have had a lot of fun driving with these guys this year. It's a huge honor to drive the C7.R for Corvette Racing - a great experience. Obviously we wish we could have won the race today. We fought hard but unfortunately had the bodywork to repair early, which got us out of the game. So it was a bummer. I think we were able to shine at times, but at that time we were leading the race, and after that we were out of contention."


"We had a lot of promise today. We led for some of it, which is good to do. It was nice to be running up front on genuine pace as well, which was good. It just didn't quite run for us with the cycling of the pit stops and we were maybe missing a little bit of pace toward the end. We just couldn't quite hold off the Porsche and Viper. But that is what we saw at COTA. That is kind of the story to the end of the season. But I am pleased that we had a strong performance, particularly on our car because it has been a battle this year. I'm pleased for the guys for us to have a clean race with no mechanical issues and a strong race for the No. 4 car and Corvette Racing, so I'm going to take that and carry it to 2015 and look forward and not back."


"The first stint was tough. We had made some changes from warmup. I thought the car felt OK but I had only done four laps and the other guys were a little bit apprehensive. The car was difficult to drive for the first hour but made some tire pressure changes and equalized them as well. It definitely put us in the ballpark as far as balance goes. The car seemed fast. Pace-wise we seemed OK. Then it was about staying out of trouble. Unfortunately we saw our teammates have trouble at the pit exit. We knew that if we could stay away from that, we'd be in OK shape. It was so close in GTLM and everyone was racing hard even though it's a 10-hour race. Things happen."

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if IMSA Riggs the 2015 season the way they did the 2014 Corvette fans like me will completely loose interest. Than IMSA can move all the races to Europe because we won't be attending.
--- Gregg Gunta from Wisconsin on 01.14.2015 at 5:36PM


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