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2017 Rolex 24hr: Race Info
2017 Rolex 24hr: Race Info
January 22 2017 03:56:42 PM ESTPaul Ryan
Roar Before The 24: #4 Corvette Fire Info
Roar Before The 24: #4 Corvette Fire Photos
*Note: The #4 Corvette will be fixed in time for the Rolex 24.

Spotter Guides
Radio Le Mans/IMSA Radio
Entry List
Schedule of Events
TV/Streaming Informetion
Balance of Performance

Corvette Racing
Jan Magnussen
Antonio Garcia
Tommy Milner
Oliver Gavin

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Report today that Ford will have 3 cars at Sebring. Also, can someone tell me how Porsche can run a midengine car this year in GTLM when the public can't buy one to drive on the street. The rules are insane.
--- encore from sunny, fl on 02.23.2017 at 9:43PM

2017 Pre-Season Info
2017 Pre-Season Info
January 04 2017 04:18:27 AM ESTTeam Chevy
We hope you all have had a great holiday season. Now it's time to get back to work. The good news is the 2017 racing season is almost here.

A lot has happened since the drop of the flag at Petit Le Mans. Here is the run down.

2016 Championship Review:
Corvette Racing 2016 Season Recap VIDEO
2016 Championship Rewind: Brian Hoye and Chuck Houghton
2016 Championship Rewind: Tommy Milner, No. 4 Corvette C7.R
2016 Championship Rewind: Oliver Gavin, No. 4 Corvette C7.R

Mobile 1 The Grid VIDEOS:
Teardown Ė Post-Race Preparation With Corvette Racing
Gearing Up Ė Ron Helzer On The Corvette Racing Gearbox
Running Safe Ė Oliver Gavin & Tommy Milner On Safety At Corvette Racing

Marshall Pruett Podcasts:
Corvette Racing at 100 Wins
Corvette C7.R In-Car Audio

Corvette Racing News:
Corvette Racing Participate in Michelin Tire Test at Road Atlanta
Corvette Retains Full-Season Drivers for 2017
Fassler, Rockenfeller Return to Corvette for Daytona, Sebring

Other IMSA GTLM News:
IMSA to Limit GTLM Tire Selections in 2017
New Mid-Engined Porsche 911 RSR Within GTE Rules
New fuel monitoring plan for 2017
2017 TV Package/Schedule Info (FOX)
IMSA Releases 2017 Technical Regulations
Ford GT Deliveries Begin
Ford to Field 4 GT's at Daytona

WEC/Le Mans News:
WEC, GTE Manufacturers Working On Revised BoP Process
WEC GTE World Titles Confirmed for 2017
Larbre Waiting on GM Decision for Corvette GTE-Pro Effort
WEC Locks Down GTE-Pro Tire Regulations

Next On-Track action will be The Roar Before The 24: Jan 6th-8th.
IMSA: Roar Before the 24 BoP issued

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Not Corvette related but cool nonetheless
--- ma7mgte from D.M.V. on 01.20.2017 at 11:59AM

2016 Petit Le Mans: Championship Results
2016 Petit Le Mans: Championship Results
October 02 2016 10:00:12 PM ESTTeam Chevy
2016 has been one of the most challenging seasons Corvette Racing has ever faced. Certainly since the GT1 glory days against Aston Martin. Ford came out of the gate and set a new benchmark for GTLM/GTE performance. Ferrari has been a top performer in every race. and BMW and Porsche are always competitive.

As usual in the GTLM class, it goes down to the final round at Petit Le Mans. The #4 Corvette lead the drivers championship by 7 points. All they had to do was finish 7th or higher, regardless of what the #67 Ford did. For the Manufactures championship, all they had to do is start the race. The #4 also lead the North American Endurance Championship by 1 point over the #67 Ford.

Qualifying for the 2016 Petit Le Mans was one of the closest in history. In GTLM, 1st through 10th were separated by 0.735 seconds. #67 Ford on pole, #3 Corvette 2nd, #4 Corvette 7th.

Photo by Michelin Alley

Race Day:
After about 1.5hr, there was a FCY. All GTLM cars made a pit stop. The #3 had to make a 2nd pit stop under the yellow for a last minute change in tire compounds, pushing them to the back of the field. After another 30 minutes, the #3 had a throttle motor issue and went behind the wall for emergency service. Luckily it was a quick fix and they only lost 2 laps.

At with 7.5hrs still on the clock, the #67 spun the #100 and had to serve a drive through penalty. Moments later the #67 started smoking and quickly went behind the wall. This effectively handed the championship to the #4 Corvette as the #67 had to win the race in order to have any shot.

At the 3.5hr mark the #912 Porsche caused a FCY due to heavy contact with a GTD Audi in Turn 2. Heavy track cleanup was needed. The #912 also received a stop plus 60 second penalty for working in a closed pit lane. There was also some track surface damage that track officials needed to inspect in Turn 3. While under this FCY the GTLM field made pit stops and the #4 crew did their magic to get out ahead of the #66 Ford and into P2 and quickly fought into the lead after the restart.

At the 4hr mark, the #4 was still leading and earned max points for current track position in the Tequila Patron North American Endurance Championship.

Shortly after the 4hr mark, a FCY was called for a track inspection. The track surface damage from earlier in the race was getting worse. Some surface patchwork was in order while pit stops went on. The #62 Ferrari managed to beat the #4 Corvette out this time. The #100 BMW also experienced an electrical issue and went behind the wall for repair. This FCY last 1 hour 5 minutes.

With 4 hours remaining, a PC car made contact with the #911 Porsche and both cars made a heavy impact with the tire wall in T4. The Porsche was able to get back but with extensive damage. This also caused a FCY for tire wall repair.

With 3.5 hours left, Marcel Fassler in the #4 Corvette went off in T1, collected a few advertisement signs and a radiator full of grass. He managed the brake hard and eject most of the grass out of the radiator in T10, but went down to P5. Meanwhile the #3 Corvette had gained a few laps back after the FCY's and was in P6 only 1 lap down.

With just over 2 hours to go the #68 Ferrari had a massive fire in the pits. Cleanup put them 2 laps down. The #67 had more issues with the drivers door not staying shut, and the #100 BMW went behind the wall with issues.

With 14 minutes to go there was a quick yellow for the #70 prototype catching fire. The race went green and Oliver Gavin gave it his best effort, even doing to fender banging with the 66 Ford, but it wasn't to be.

The #62 Ferrari won Petit Le Mans, with the #66 Ford P2, #4 Corvette P3, and #3 Corvette P4 1 lap down having fought back and regained 3 laps throughout the race.

Photo by Michelin Alley

Chevrolet and it's Corvette teams cleaned house with the championships this year.

Prototype Manufacture's Championship
Prototype Team Championship (#31 Corvette DP)
Prototype Driver's Championship (Dane Cameron & Eric Curran)
Prototype Tequila Patron North American Endurance Cup (#5 Corvette DP)

GTLM Manufacture's Championship
GTLM Team Championship (#4 Corvette C7.R)
GTLM Driver's Championship (Tommy Milner & Oliver Gavin)
GTLM Tequila Patron North American Endurance Cup (#4 Corvette C7.R)

Photo by Tommy Milner

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Roar BoP tables revised:
--- ma7mgte from D.M.V. on 01.04.2017 at 1:36PM

2016 COTA: Results
2016 COTA: Results
September 20 2016 07:56:16 PM ESTJan Magnussen PR 2016
After 3 wins in a row for Corvette Racing, they avoided BoP adjustments going into COTA, although others were given some performance back. Ferrari was given some extra boost and fuel capacity. BMW was given a 10kg weight break and 0.5mm refueling restrictor increase. Ford was give a 1mm refueling restrictor reduction.

Going into the final 2 rounds of the 2016 championship, it is going down to two teams. The #4 Corvette and the #67 Ford GT.

The #67 Ford GT took the pole position, with the Corvettes back in 6th and 8th. Come race day, the #62 Ferrari owned the track, only rivaled by the Porsches on occasion.

The #62 Ferrari, with 10 minutes left in the race and a 10 second lead, suffered an electrical glitch and had to make an unscheduled pit stop, effectively throwing away the easy victory at their home track.

The #67 and #4 had a mid pack battle when the Ford make contact with the Vette. The Ford suffered a front right suspension failure. This allowed the #4 Corvette to grow the points gap despite a lackluster performance, finishing P5.

With the Ferrari dropping off the podium, this promoted the #3 Corvette to 3rd place. This is the 2nd podium in a row for the #3.

VIDEO: 2016 COTA Qualifying
VIDEO: 2016 COTA Race Broadcast

The 2016 IMSA Weathertech Sportscar Championship all goes down to the final round at Petit Le Mans. The #4 holds a 7 point lead over the #67 Ford in the Weathertech championship. The #4 Corvette also holds a 1 point lead over the #67 Ford in the Tequila Patron North American Endurance Championship.

"The further we went into the weekend, the better the Corvette was. From the first practice through the warmup and race, we never stopped working on it. At points, we made some big swings on the setup side because we had nothing to lose. At some point we found our way a little bit. The first surprise was that in qualifying, we werenít as far off the pace as we thought. The warmup was the same. It was very hard, especially with traffic. At the end, I think we had a Corvette that could have challenged the race winners. Weíre looking forward to Road Atlanta now and wrapping up the Manufacturerís Championship for Chevrolet. We have a really good chance, and I really want to win that race. Iíve come close a couple of times so that will be my focus."

"It was a pleasant little surprise. I think that itís a good couple of spots better than I thought we were going to be. The car was quite good in my stint. We were able to kind of keep up with the guys in front, whereas I thought we would be out of it real fast looking at the practice times and qualifying. But the race car was pretty good I have to sayÖ better than I thought it was going to be. Iím happy for the result. Iím happy for Corvette Racing and Chevrolet getting closer to that manufacturer championship."

"This could be a real turning point for us in the championship. I think we will have to go to Petit Le Mans and get a seventh or an eighth place if the No. 67 was to win. Itís not a super comfortable cushion, but we just need to execute at Petit. I think we just need to be smart. We werenít the greatest today, we werenít the fastest. We were battling with the car a little bit and we made a couple of changes during the race. One was the wrong way and the other one was, I think, back in the right direction. But we need to go back and look at the data to see where we were missing it. Ultimately, we came away with scoring good points. We have extended our lead in the championship and at this time of the year that is all you need to be doing. You just need to be executing, getting the points on the board and extending our points lead. Looking at all the practice sessions, all the qualifying and everything that we did, I really didnít think we were going to be coming away with extending our points lead over the No. 67. But we have, and itís positive. We move forward and we go to Petit very positive."

"Coming away with the points lead we have was best-case scenario. Itís not really how I would have liked to have gotten that points lead. We struggled all day today and really all weekendÖ just looking for pace and just sort of comfort driving the car. That part wasnít so much fun, but yeah, we lucked out today for sure. We definitely had, as Olly (Gavin) said, weíve had either all of the luck in the world or none of it. Today it looked like we had none and then we had all of it pretty quickly there. Part of me feels bad for the No. 67 guys, but that is kind of a bummer way to lose some points. But I canít say Iím too unhappy about it. Weíve all fought really hard all year long and some races weíve had some good races and so have they. Now it comes down to Petit Le Mans where the gap is fairly large, but we still need to execute for the whole race. We certainly canít just jog across the finish line there; we still have to push hard. It will be a big challenge for sure, but we are in a good spot."


After scoring the overall Prototype victory in the IMSA race with brother Jordan, Ricky Taylor joined Larbre Competition for the 6 hr round of FIA WEC at Circuit of the Americas. The team scored a 3rd place podium finish in the very competitive GTE-AM class.

PODCAST: Sportscar 365 - Double Stint: Weekend Recap - Ricky Taylor Interview

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Congratulations CORVETTE RACING thank you for a great year. Manufacturer, Team, Driver and Patron Endurance Championships! Greatest sports car in the world.
--- BABYBOOMER from CA on 10.02.2016 at 1:33PM

2016 VIR: Results
2016 VIR: Results
September 11 2016 09:40:21 PM ESTJan Magnussen PR
A week before VIR, the the testing, and it payed off. Corvette Racing qualified 1-2 at VIR.

Unfortuantly for the championship leading #4, it wasn't their race. They lost positions at the start and never regained. With a few minutes left in the race, oil on the track caused the #4 to have an accident.

The #3 Corvette however had a flawless race start to finish. This is the first victory of the #3 in 2016.

VIDEO: 2016 Michelin GT Challenge At VIR Broadcast

"We were all pretty equal all day in the class. The Corvette Racing team did a great job with the tire pressures. We had a plan where we would be better from the middle of the stint and not so much in the beginning. It wasnít much fun early on with the tires but as things went on our Corvette got better and better. Iím super happy. Itís our first win in a long time. We have had plenty of opportunities, so Iím really pleased and hopefully this starts a streak for us now!"

WE TALKED EARLIER AND YOU THOUGHT THE FIRST STINT WAS SPECTACULAR, BUT WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT ANTONIOíS STINT? "It was a fantastic drive by Antonio. He kept the gaps and opened them a little bit. I know it got a little scary at the end with one lap to go. It scared the hell out of me. But he did a fantastic drive and always does."

WINNING FIRST RACE OF 2016: "Oh man! Itís about time! It was a great job by the whole team all week. Green with one lap to goÖ I donít know what that was about; it scared the hell out of me. The No. 3 Corvette team has had a tough run this year and itís great to be back in the Winnerís Circle."

"It was really hot and super close. It was a very difficult, tricky race. The racing line was super narrow; I think thatís why we saw some mistakes at the end. I had a few up and downs in the race. Our pit stops were perfect. After the tire pressures went up and stabilized, the Corvette felt great. I was able to make a little bit of a gap in traffic but it went back and forth. It was just like qualifying except you are trying to save fuel. Luckily I was able to run a good pace and economy with our Chevy engine. I got a really good job on the restart and already had a good gap at the start-finish line. Iím happy for Jan and everyone at Corvette Racing. We have been so close so many times this year that I really think our No. 3 Corvette crew deserved it today."

YOU HAD TO SAVE FUEL AT TIMES AND THEN YOU SAW THAT FULL COURSE CAUTION AT THE END. FUEL WAS NO LONGER A CONCERN, I THINK IT WAS MORE ABOUT THE CARS BEHIND YOU? "Yeah, it was a very hard race. My team got me a three- to four-second gap and then it was a classic green/white/checkered. Not even green then white, it was like white and checkered. It was an amazing race and the Corvette was brilliant. So I just need to thank the whole Corvette team and Chevy. Corvette Racing did a fantastic job today. It really paid off to be out testing on Monday and Tuesday (at Road Atlanta). I have to say, because the car was fantastic."

"Itís obviously a disappointing way to end the day. We heard reports that there may have been oil or fluid down near the final turn so maybe that contributed to the incident. The Corvette C7.R is a very strong and well-built car, and we are always thankful for that. It seemed like today we got behind and never could catch up. That is how difficult it is in this championship. We are still thankful to maintain a points lead and will do whatever we can to protect that lead over the final two races."

"Itís hard to pass and make up ground. I kind of got hung out at Turn One and didnít have much grip. I had to play some avoidance also with a couple of the cars in there and had some junk on my tires. My first lap free from the pitlane was a case of me going too fast and got loose. The car would understeer behind everyone else, and I didnít realize how loose it was. It was a mistake on my part."

"This race today was victorious today on two different levels. Obviously for the Corvette Racing team, Jan and Antonio to bring the No. 3 Corvette home first after battling all day against the best competition of the world speaks very highly of not only the crew work but the engineers that put together a setup that they could race for an entire day in this extreme heat. That should never be overlooked. On another level, I think this is one of the best races we have had since the sports car merger in 2014. The Balance of Performance was very, very tight. You only had to look at the practice times, qualifying or the race times to see that any of the cars that started the race today had the capacity to win. And thatís what makes great racing. So we were all winners today Ė everyone who participated today in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship."




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Great info TR6speed! Thanks!
--- Nemesis from GA on 09.20.2016 at 11:14AM

2016 Road America: What Just Happened?
2016 Road America: What Just Happened?
August 22 2016 06:38:49 PM ESTMichelin Alley
With just under 20 minutes to go, Road America was looking to be Corvette Racing's worst result of the season. The #4 Corvette was sitting P6 and the #67 Ford was leading, and looking like was going to take over the championship points lead.

During the final pit stop, the #4 crew made some adjustments that brought the car to life, but it was thought to be too late. The leading GTLM cars were far into the distance. Tommy Milner made a pass for position on one of the BMW to get up to 5th then full course caution came out and bunched everyone back up.

The green flag came out with 5 minutes left to race, and all hell broke loose.

Screenshots by Fox Sports

Photo by Michelin Alley

VIDEO: 2016 Continental Tire Road Race Showcase Broadcast

"An extraordinary finish! It was an amazing, amazing job by Tommy, the crewÖthe strategy at the end there! It just seemed like the car came alive. We made a change on that last stop, and it just brought the car to life. That was what we were missing in the first part of the race. I donít think Tommy can believe it. We were looking at fifth, then that caution came and it mixed everything up. There was contact and crazy stuff happening. It is just wonderful. This is such an amazing result for us and it is big, big, big for the championship. Iím so thrilled!"

"Iím speechless! I know everybody says that, but literallyÖ We did not have a very good car at the start; it was super loose. But Chuck (Houghton, No. 4 Corvette engineer) made a great change there at the very end; new tires, a bit more wing in the Corvette and it was the best race car I have ever had. I know I said that at Sebring, but this one somehow topped it. This is the best race car Iíve ever had in my life right there. At the end there, it seemed like the other guys couldnít get their tires up to temp, and mine were ready to go and were there. With two laps to go, there is nothing more that you could ask for than everyone in front of you and a Corvette underneath you!"

"The strategy sometimes works and sometimes it doesnít. Today was one of the days that it didnít. The car never really felt right today. We kept thinking it would come to us with the setup and tires. That has been the story of our season. Congratulations to Oliver and Tommy. We will keep working and hope to get on the right side of it at VIR."

"It was a good start. I had a chance to be a tiny bit aggressive into the first turn, but I backed off because I thought it was a little too early to try something that bold. After that things were good. I was able to stay with the lead pack. I thought we might have something for the Porsches especially with our tires. I didnít think we had the pace to win and just needed to stay close."

#NeverGiveUp #TakeNoPrisoners

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Talking about VIR, go to Car & Driver site for their Lightning Lap results for the Grand Sport. I won't mention much...
--- 72 from st coll on 09.15.2016 at 4:15PM


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