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ZR1 Visits Germany
ZR1 Visits Germany
April 10 2008 12:37:46 PM ESTphoto -
The 2009 ZR1 started testing at the Nürburgring at the beginning of this month, and has some video of it on the track.

In the video they say unofficial times were taken as low 1:40s, but we're going to assume they mean 7:40s because in the text they mention the Nissan GTR getting an unofficial 1:38 (which was really 7:38).

The 505HP Z06 maxed out at 7:42.9 back in 2005 with Jan Magnussen behind the wheel, so it stands to reason that the 620HP ZR1 will be able to beat the crap out of that time with its updated suspension components and added downforce.

Jan and Johnny O were in Florida last week for the ALMS race at St Pete, so the video Edmunds has is just the GM engineers getting a baseline down at the ring. Two weeks separate St Pete's and Long Beach... where are they now? All we know is that the car is going to be heavier on the left without a passenger, so if they need some ballast we call shotgun.

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