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Turning Cars Into Couches Rules!
Turning Cars Into Couches Rules!
April 23 2008 12:49:10 PM EST
What's the best thing you can do with the rear end of an old car? If you answered "make a couch out of it," we're right with you. We can't think of any better way to complete a lounge or family room than by putting half a vintage Vette in it and lighting up the bottom.

And don't think we're just saying this because of how much we liked the Aston Couch, this is 100% genuine affection. We've already ordered 4 to move into our living room and sit on while sipping a nice cold beer and talking about baseball.

PS - If you are even thinking of buying this, please remove us from your favorites.

[source:] Thanks Justin

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I'd rather spoil my right foot with the real thing!
--- BFisch06 from Flint, MI on 04.27.2008 at 12:49AM


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