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Game On at Le Mans 08!
Game On at Le Mans 08!
May 31 2008 12:49:00 PM EST
La Sarthe comes to life this weekend and the 4-car Pratt & Miller / Luc Alphand Corvette phalanx is ready to go. The "Le Mans 24 Hours Preliminary Test Day Programme" rolls out as follows-

* Friday May 30; 10am-6pm
Administrative and technical scrutineering (at the circuit)

* Saturday May 31; 9am-3pm
Administrative and technical scrutineering (at the circuit)

* Saturday May 31; 4pm:
Driversí and team managersí briefing

* Sunday June 1: 9am-1pm, and 2pm-6pm
2008 Le Mans 24 Hours TESTING!

The entry list is here.

10 GT1 cars take the track to begin the process of marking their turf. Yes, the 'dog fight' analogy has been invoked because here's how it's going to play out-

* Aston Martin will still own the straights. Top-end speed is likely to remain in their favor.
* Corvette should be quicker in the corners and on to the straights thanks to a torque-advantage.
* Braking may be shared ground.
* The Utah 'tire test race' may pay dividends in lap times, tire stint cycles, and.....fuel economy.
* Gas Mileage is to be the strategic game-breaker. Corvette needs to win this turf to win this race.

Bottomline- The Gulf cars will be race-ready despite primarily just testing, not competing that much. Modena has polished their game since Sebring '07. They have '08 race wins. Saleen and Lambo are eye candy that will make their presence known, but should not factor into the end results. And both Corvette teams come into LeMans as race winners and series leaders.

...Nothing left to do now but fire these puppies up!

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