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Corvette K.I.S.S.
Corvette K.I.S.S.
June 06 2008 12:07:12 AM ESTphoto - Richard Prince
Godug keeps everything real when asked about the Corvette Team plan to win LeMans.

"We don't care what the A-M's do. We run as hard as we can once the green flag drops with no 'rabbit/drafting' BS"

His quote also underscores a fact that escapes us when we get caught up in the US vs THEM competitive fire. An endurance race is like [of all things.....] a gymnastics meet. The SIMILARITY is that each / every competitor has their own routine to perform to take their shot at winning. The DIFFERENCE is that instead of each gymnast getting on the equipment one at a time, we shove everyone on the pommel horse together!

Le Mans is really a mass assembly of many individual competitions. Each racer executing THEIR plan on how to win in the given 24 hours. In that sense, Godug's reply about team strategy makes perfect [Corvette] sense- 'Just doin' our own thang, thank you!'

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Godug- Ne Prenez Acun Prisonnier
--- johnnyoooo from Rochester N.Y. on 06.06.2008 at 6:15AM


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