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Waiting For The Corvette Parade To Continue
Waiting For The Corvette Parade To Continue
October 19 2008 03:56:33 PM EST
So, C7's future was leaked this week. But, 'On Hold' may be a good thing.

1] That is an actual Flickr pic [and it is titled, as above]. So, the 6 year wait for C7 may put an end this body of Corvette fan-dom, just through time-attrition.

2] BBV is sending every GM employee a 'Godfather Collection' DVD to remind them of the following and to shut the hell up with the leaks- Don Corleone: "Never let anyone outside the family know what you're thinking."

3] Maybe that Transformers design is not so precedent [to the joy of some].

4] Could be worse. Aren't we still waiting for the 1983 Corvettes? !!

5] You can't talk about killing off Viper AND Corvette in the same week!

6] The 6 years to 2014 will go by fast - Look at the last 8 [too political for some of ya?].

7] The C6 is a stout platform that has strong legs.
[ Porsche 9 series chassis designs go on for generations, do they not?]

8] With the mid-engine C7 rejected by GM mgt., what if the planned / approved C7 was, in fact, 'a bad design' / wrong for the future? Then, putting THAT one aside is a good thing.

9] NOW, the Corvette design team can free themselves from all style and engineering inhibitions, habits, history to create the next and greatest New Gen Vette ever.

10] Tom Wallace: "NO WAY!"
[When asked whether there was any chance that Corvette could die.]

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Yeah it probably will exceed the lifespan of the C3, the economy and the need for alternative resources won't financially support C7's creation anytime in the near future, but I'm sure as hell aint complaining! the C6 is the best looking 'vette since the C3, hmmmm, coincidence?
--- Justin from Livermore, CA on 10.21.2008 at 2:51PM


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