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Viper Into The Sunset
Viper Into The Sunset
October 28 2008 01:02:28 PM EST
As GM and the US Gov't collaborate to put Chrysler out of its misery [....still a 'What the #@**!!' scenario to us], we remember that Viper was already on a death march, before begging for corporate buyers.

Now, as a pending part of the GM family, the V10 Snake is left no seat at the table thanks to Corvette [eg - 55 years of heritage gets you the head of the table]. Rather than dance on the grave, let's spare a thought for a better Viper time. BTW- Beretta in a Viper?

Still, the Corvettes kicked their ducktail, inevitably.
We just had a better 'piece'.

PS- GM, see what happens when you 'euthanate' sports cars? You kill the soul / spirit of your company. Accordingly, a C7 decision awaits you.

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GM cut merger talks with Chrysler this week. If Dodge will sell the Viper, they should sell it to Saleen (they currently paint it) or Panoz. The French Oreca Viper GTS-R team beat Corvette Racing in ALMS, Sebring, and Le Mans in 2000. Privateers raced the GTS-R until 2003.
--- alms fan from usa on 11.07.2008 at 3:24PM


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