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Corvette Google, Turkey Gobble
Corvette Google, Turkey Gobble
November 24 2008 11:18:57 AM EST
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, BBV Googled “Corvette + Turkey” and arrived @ THIS site. And then found THIS car.

AVK SERVÝS is a tuning shop in Istanbul, Turkey with a love for Corvette.
Slip on over to their Gallery section for more Corvette-ishness.

Now, Google your own “Corvette + something holiday–related” entry and tell us what YOU find.
PS – “Corvette + Pilgrim” will get you 165,000 Andy Pilgrim returns.

Happy Holidays.

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Last comment:
No Thanksgiving in Turkey......kind of ironic huh. I guess it's good for the turkeys themselves.But they seem to have a few Vettes and Camaros there.
Happy Holidays to all BBV members !!!
--- JerryL from Miami on 11.25.2008 at 1:27AM


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