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Where Were You 2 Years Ago?
Where Were You 2 Years Ago?
December 18 2008 05:15:43 PM EST
2008 European FIA-GT3 Champions Matech Engineering announced they are building a GT1 version of their Ford GT [3] race car. The Swiss manufacturer and Ford tuner confirmed it has been busy developing the GT1 version per the new FIA-GT 2010 regulations.

The ‘not-a-C6R’ GT1 car will compete in the 2009 FIA-GT Championship. No ALMS, after conferring with Audi and Porsche [kidding!]. Corvette was rumored to tell them to catch up with the times and build a GT2 car. Instead, as further proof of their connection to current trends, Matech also announced they were building a Ford Pinto WRC car.

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hmmm... mabye they don't want to race a legend.
--- corvettelover from USA on 12.23.2008 at 9:37AM


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