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Dear Santa.....
Dear Santa.....
September 16 2010 02:19:26 PM EST
Dear Jim Campbell / Mark Kent / Terry Dolan / Todd Christensen / Joel Ewanick or whoever is making brand and racing decisions for Corvette,

Congratulations on the rumored continuation [and funding] of Corvette Racing for ALMS / Le Mans 24 competition through to C7. Also, thank you for the return of expanded global sales / distribution of Corvette [and all Hail Britannia, too!].

In such context, here is our ‘Dear Santa’ request....

Please enter Corvette into the 2011 INTERCONTINENTAL LE MANS CUP [ILMC] – The new global manufacturer’s championship - 3 races in 2010, including Petite Le Mans [plus England and China]. 7 races in 2011, adding Sebring, Spa, Le Mans, and Japan.

FYI - Every Corvette competitor - BMW, Ferrari, Ford [GT], Porsche, even Jaguar – has committed to the ILMC [1st race had Lamborghini, too]. Plus, Audi, Peugeot, Aston Martin, and Honda [HPD] have commitments via LMP. Rumors of even more manufacturers coming onboard abound.

We are certain that Corvette fans, current owners, and potential new Corvette buyers would relish the accolades of Corvette's commitment to participate, compete, and WIN this distinguished, world-recognized championship.

What a significant brand statement it would make. AND it would go great with the Corvette TV commercial[s] and Internet community-build you have crafted....

* Heck, as a good GM team player, why not enter a Cadillac V-Coupe in the ILMC, as well.
* Cadillac IS ‘The New Standard of The World’, right?
* But first, do it for Corvette. OUR ‘BadBoy’ deserves to showcase ITS global dominance.

Thank you, for your consideration of our ILMC request.
We will be waiting by our Christmas tree, Hanukkah menorah, Festivus pole or whatever symbol is appropriate to one’s beliefs [a Jake-embossed LS9 intake snorkel?].

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Last comment:
I don't really understand why they would build a Cadillac CTS-V coupe for GT2 competition, as they already have the Corvettes, and CTS-V would be in a similar boat as the M3 is now, needing lots of waivers to be competitive. Don't get me wrong, I love Cadillac and the CTS line, but they just don't belong in GT2, in my opinion

As for Corvette and LMIC, I think Corvette will most likely enter for next year.

And once again, HORNY offers some good logic with the suggestion of a European presence. I too would like to see it, but I won't hold my breath.
--- Axxy from unknown on 09.18.2010 at 2:38AM


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