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Bake OFF!
Bake OFF!
September 22 2010 06:39:47 PM EST
Our Animal House post got us in the spirit how we all need to best embrace the events of 2010 Corvette Racing. Hey, even godug got the vibe with his remarks in the post-vote post.

* "To quote that beloved Animal House leader, 'It ain't over til we say it is over!' That IS Corvette Racing. That IS what we believe." -godug

So, what next? BBV baked a cake! To share with the Covette Racing team.
But, Binks and the boys questioned, "You're telling US to 'Eat It'?"

NO!! This cake is BBV's message to anyone that thinks Corvette is down for the count / that questions Corvette's bounce-back veracity. BBV says YOU guys can 'Eat me'!
Corvette only gets stronger vs adversity [It ain't over 'til WE say.......]

Now, if we could only build a parade float for the Petite Le Mans starting grid.

BTW - Still stay tuned for more BBV PLM news on this 'attitudinal adjustment'.

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If we sent the Cake to Davidson would it contain any laxatives? Maybe then he would give a "crap" about how his on course antics effect other racers.
--- Bonz from Mason City, Iowa on 09.28.2010 at 10:09PM


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