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C6 Goes Formula Drift For 2011
C6 Goes Formula Drift For 2011
February 04 2011 10:58:07 PM EST
Luke Lonberger is owner of Blu808, the builder of this C6 drift project. AND he is the driver.
Check out the assembly process / progress.

But, if you learn anything from drifters, it is THIS. They know the power of the Internet as the way to get their story told and out there.

* post
* YouTube Episode 1 * Episode 2 * Episode 3

Looks great, as this C6 pseudo-ZR1 comes together. But, if you want to keep the attention of Corvette fans and the support of Chevy corporate suits, when it's time to head to the paint booth, try NOT to come up with anything like THIS!

Instead, maybe this? Just some friendly advice from BBV.

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TONS of professional and amateur drifters swap LS series V8s into Mazda RX7's, Nissan 240sx's, and all sorts of other popular drift cars. The torque is unbeatable for drifting; and compared to building a high cost, high strung, and often highly unreliable at the necessary power levels and RPM's for pro drifting, small turbo engine that used to be the norm, the featherweight LS V8 is just too good to be true.

Hopefully these guys can take their engine to the podium in the chassis it was built for!

On a separate note, Id love to see more of these competing against the imports in the various Time Attack series. Stoptech runs their C5 in one I believe, but I don't think they're very competitive. Maybe you could use your magical Corvette powers to dig up some info on that red beast. I haven't been able to. I remember how excited I was to see it in SCC's Ultimate Street Car Challenge years back.
--- Clark from South Dakota on 02.05.2011 at 8:42PM


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