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2011 Paint Drip... Leak?
2011 Paint Drip... Leak?
February 05 2011 12:49:54 AM ESTgilou's BBV Album
Days ahead of what we assume will be the official unveiling of the 2011 Factory Corvette's livery at the Sebring tests, we've found this photo taken 4 days ago inside Pratt & Miller of the cars being prepped.

There's not much to go on, but we think it's safe to say there hasn't been much of a shift from last year's yellow front / black back routine except that the sparkles may have turned into some lines.

What was wrong with our submission?

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Sorry, not Alex, but anonymous is right, that is just a picture of last year's paint.
--- screx0472 from unknown on 02.05.2011 at 9:58PM


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