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Where Few Have Gone Before

As a pre-race tribute to our Team, here is a video tour of the Pratt & Miller facility [raceshop is too quaint a term for the engineering capacity housed within]. Just walking in the door, you see the heritage of accomplishment [the trophies, the model of the record-setting Intrepid GTP, the photo of Dales Jr. and Sr. in the Daytona 24 victory circle, etc.].

You feel the passion for the work [as "Vinnie the Rat, Matt, and Brad said, "It's not a job anymore - it's an addiction"]. You're in awe of the technology [in the video, that is our tour host, Steve Wesoloski- Road Racing Group Mgr., holding a brake assembly 3D model made in minutes].

You marvel at the crew [individuals, artisans, and racers all!] each doing their assigned tasks, and yet, clicking as a team like the Packers and Yankees of old.

.....and then there are the race cars [If Ruby Tuesday claims handcrafting for a freakin' burger, they have NOT seen a C6.R being built!]. The team was prepping and packing for Le Mans when we visited. So, those are the ALMS cars being freshened for the quest.

Watch and enjoy. And eyes up for the details.......R. Fellow's white bodywork, the home-grown CNC-milled parts, the tail piece from Dale Jr.'s Sears Point barbeque, NASCAR wind tunnel models [yes, P&M does work in that series, too], a steering wheel note from Johnny O? [No, just a reminder to the assembly crew!], the in-house gym, and GoDug's Lair including a very curious DeSoto picture!

Good Luck, Corvette Racing! Bon Chance, tomorrow! We are all with you.

......and thanks again, Steve W., for the tour. You are a true Bad Boy, even while moving through your corporate world. Steve defines his BadBoy self best when he says- "I could design front axles for dump trucks or work on Corvettes.......It was an easy decision to make."

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