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Wrong?? !!
Wrong?? !!
February 26 2011 06:24:37 PM ESTcar&driver
Corvette Report shows us Car&Driver non-subscribers the April cover and then comments on the C7, as guess-timated by the magazine brand doing so well it just got sold like a used car.

Titled this post 'Wrong!' NOT because of the C7 styling [design IS a subjective call, we get it], but based on the 'I fear change' dialog about paddle vs H-shifting in the prior BBV post, it feels like Traditionalist Corvetters are going to automatically / unconsciously piss all over this thing HARD, like a yapping bichon frise left in the house all day until taken for its 8PM walk!

But, you know what?
Maybe it's time to 'shock the Corvette monkey' and put some controversy / buzz behind this 'C6 Plus' [Hey, until Chevy shows us this IS an all-new car, or it's chock full of rad upgrades - not just new cockpit thread colors! - this thing gets named like Audi monikers their evo racecars.......].

Flame on, BBV readers!
[Wow! We need Sebring NOW, to get us out of THIS mood!]

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Tapping a paddle is harder than clutch/stick shifting? Have you got arthritis or something? I thought Corvette was all about being at the forefront of technology not sticking with old tech and not moving forward.
--- MitchZ06 from Australia on 03.12.2011 at 5:38AM


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