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Real Corvette?
Real Corvette?
November 14 2011 06:19:54 AM EST says they got pics of the 2014 C7 Corvette. The real C7.
And is going to show the world today, at noon EST time. [ now live ]

Only a few hours to guess if we will be IMpressed. Or DEpressed.

Will the younger flair fly? Or just look like a next-gen RX7? Will the styling move Corvette design forward and just be a visual nudge of the C6? Will C7 tech be advanced or evo, as the most recent rumors conservatively suggested?

One last chance to voice your C7 hopes, wishes, desires. Go!

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You know if you go back and look at the 'Grand Sport C7' pics of the chassis under a GS mule body - those exhaust tips are the exact size & spacing. Clever inclusion on the 'renderings' or real design? Interesting...
--- DarkKnightC6 from Aiken, SC on 11.18.2011 at 10:20PM


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