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Corvettes at Bondurant 2012
Corvettes at Bondurant 2012
December 11 2012 07:29:42 AM EST
Over the past weekend of December 8th and 9th, a very special event was held - the first annual Corvettes at Bondurant, and we where there, and so was Jake !

This 2 day event allowed Corvette owners to bring their own cars (or rent one in our case) and learn how to use the true potential of America's Sports Car, all for a very reasonable $250.

Activities each day included a basic performance driving class by Johnny O'Connell, exercises on the road course, drag strip, and autocross, and hot laps with the pros. At the end of day 1 dinner was served in the Bondurant Museum followed by stories shared by Johnny O'Connell, Darren Law, Bob Bondurant, and Doug Fehan.

It was a real privilege and honor to hear everyone's stories, especially the legend himself, Bob Bondurant. His school has been teaching for 44 years, taught over 500,000 students, and has saved countless lives.

Ultimately, what we all took away from this event was that Corvette is the "World Beater" that it has become do to American engineering, hard work, and the support and enthusiasm of its followers. The technology transfer from the Corvette Racing program has transformed the car into the most bad ass machine available to buy today. We pounded our cars both days and not a single car had any kind of failure, a true testament to the product that comes out of Bowling Green, Kentucky.

We would like to personally thank Doug Fehan for taking time out of his busy schedule to come out and hang out with us for the weekend. We would also like to thank Bob Bondurant and his wife Pat for holding this fantastic event, and are grateful to have been a part of the first one. We look forward to returning in the future many more times. I would also like to thank a great person, Kit Lo, for allowing us to share the car he personally rented for the weekend. This once again proves that Corvette owners and enthusiasts are the best group of people in the world.

If you ever get the opportunity to participate at the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving, whether it be a class or a special event like this one, we urge you to seize it. It will be something you will never forget.

Our Pictures
Hot Lap Video
Autocross Video - we did much better on Day 2 but no video

If you are interested in taking a class at Bondurant, visit their website and follow them on Facebook for all upcoming event information.

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Last comment:
Well, the Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch is closer to my home, but I would certainly make the Bob Bondurant Experience a drop in my bucket list.

Thanks for the report, BBV!
--- SYF from Las Vegas, NV on 12.20.2012 at 4:06PM


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