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ALMS - Grand-Am Merger: The Classes
ALMS - Grand-Am Merger:  The Classes
January 07 2013 05:56:40 PM EST
Over the weekend, at Daytona, the class structure for the 2014 ALMS / Grand-Am sportscar racing merger where announced, so lets get straight to the point.

Class 1: Daytona Prototype vs LMP2 vs Delta Wing
-Intention is to keep P2 as close to ACO spec as possible while increasing performance of the DP.
-P2 is currently Pro-Am globally, most likely will be Pro-Pro in USA.
-The Delta Wing will be performance balanced to compete in this class.
-LMP1 cars are gone as we know it, but the cars will still be eligible to compete with a smaller engine and modified aero and will be balanced with the group.

Class 2: LMPC
-Unchanged from current

Class 3: GTE
-Unchanged from current

Class 4: Grand-Am GT + ALMS GTC + Grand-Am GX?
-This bottom tier GT class will be for Pro-Am driver teams only.
-The newly introduced Grand-Am GX class may be combined with this group or could be a 5th class.

The official class names, and technical regulations are still not decided yet.

The new series will keep ties with the ACO with the intention to continue to send cars to Le Mans with automatic entries as in the past.

Full Press Release

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Looks pretty good, just not sure about those tail lights. Why couldn't they just make them round? I hope the fit and finish of the interior looks and feels as good in person as it does on the web. Hopefully that will shut up our European critics (probably not).
It always takes me some time to adjust to a new generation, but so far so good. What usually seals the deal for me is driving the car. Then I'm hooked. My brother is an automotive engineer here in Detroit, so I can't wait to see the car this week during the industry-only days before the North American Auto Show opens to the public.
--- Richard2 from Grosse Pointe, MI on 01.13.2013 at 11:03PM


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