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Doug Fehan Interviews
Doug Fehan Interviews
July 26 2013 07:49:27 PM ESTMichelin Alley
Doug Fehan is our man. Without him, none of this would exist and our life would probably be much different.

This week Godug has done a couple of interviews. Any time Doug speaks publicly, it's worth a listen, so sit back and enjoy.

First up, Corvette Web Blast - Episode 6, Godug takes us through his career in motorsport (and outside of motorsport) from beginning to current time, and beyond. This is not a typical interview. This is a very special one. We hope everyone watches and enjoys because these things don't come around very often. If you haven't subscribed to CWB on YouTube yet, do so. These guys do a great job and are very informative.

Second, Shakedown on DRIVE shows us a special episode called "TrackDown" where Leo Parente talks one-on-one with Doug about a number of topics from the 2014 USCR, to Le Mans, Marketing, C7, ect.

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TR6speed, maybe I missed your point, but that doesn't change my statement. Corvette chooses to race this series as a showcase. They build their cars to the spec the series mandates, but then the series changes their own rules to balance the performance. Corvette is running a competitive engine given the rules. The competition is allowed to run with exemptions that allow them to have advantages given the original series rules. All that I want is a set of rules and specs to follow and bring your car. If Corvette attempted to run a corked 7.0 liter motor at this point, they would not be allowed. This motor would give Corvette the same advantage that Viper and BMW enjoy in overall setup of their car. Corvette is the baseline by which IMSA balances the field. CR is that because their overall package is very good. What bothers me, and therefore is my ultimate point is that the Vipers and BMW boys have really been obviously faster this year, giving them a seemeingly ufair advantage as it relates to race package...the system therefore is flawed. I will state again that I would rather have the competition than not, but If we can't agree that it is flawed to the detriment of CR, then I definitely am not seeing your point.
--- screx0472 from unknown on 08.19.2013 at 10:47AM


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