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2016 - The Cars & The Drivers
2016 - The Cars & The Drivers
November 24 2015 01:54:17 AM ESTSuper Chevy
For 2016, the focus has been to improve the aero package and also incorporate enhanced safety features on the Corvette C7.R. The new car has a more aggressive setup with the addition of a larger front splitter and rear diffuser, along with side rocker splitters and a relocated rear wing. The new rules also require cars to have a roof mounted escape hatch to aid with driver extraction in case of an accident.

PHOTO GALLERY: November Daytona Testing

For the 2016 IMSA season, the core 4 drivers will remain unchanged. Antonio Garcia and Jan Magnussen will drive the #3, and Tommy Milner and Oliver Gavin will drive the #4.

For Daytona and Sebring, Audi LMP1 ace drivers Marcel Fassler and Mike Rockenfeller will complete the teamís lineup.

For Le Mans, Jordan and Ricky Taylor will join the team. This will be Jordan's 3rd year with Corvette Racing and will be defending his 2015 win. Ricky, who has driven at Le Mans twice already, will make his debut if the factory squad.

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Daytona coming up in a few days, based on the BOP arrangements I think Corvette Racing has a good shot at a repeat. Not making a prediction by any means, but based on the Roar times and the new changes in BOP, things don't look too bad. The only 2 teams in GTLM that have proven winning cars are Porsche and Corvette, strangely enough also the only 2 teams running non-turbo motors. The turbo cars from Ford, BMW and Ferrari have shown some speed at the Roar, but the only one of the 3 that has proven it can go hard for 24 hours is the Ford V6, although in a DP car it was basically the same engine that won at both Daytona and Sebring. Can the new turbos maintain good pace, get good enough fuel mileage and last the 24 hours?? I guess we'll soon find that out, but the GTLM class should provide some really good racing, given the driver lineups from each team and the manufacturer involvement, here's hoping a Corvette is in Victory Lane on Sunday afternoon.
--- GS10tk from Syracuse, NY on 01.26.2016 at 7:58PM


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