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2016 Watkins Glen: Results
2016 Watkins Glen: Results
July 06 2016 03:34:10 AM ESTRichard Prince
The sand has been released. No BoP changes for the 6hrs at Watkins Glen. Results were as expected. The only reason the #4 Corvette finished P4 was due to the phenomenal pit work by the hard working crew at Corvette Racing.

VIDEO: Final Pit Stop

TOMMY MILNER - #4 Corvette C7.R: Finished 4th
"I’m smiling. I feel like we just won the race. We had the perfect race… absolutely perfect race. Great pit stops, no mistakes anywhere at all. At the end I drove as hard as I possibly could. I could tell that the Ferrari in front of me was slow to start the stints. I just got lucky in traffic and got a big run on him in the Bus Stop. I also got a nice draft from a PC car that was passing him and was able to sneak by him in the Bus Stop. I’m just so proud of the effort that this team gives. It doesn’t matter if we are the fastest car or the slowest car. We try. We try hard all the time. It was a great job by Olly. It was a great job by the crew guys. It’s a great result for Corvette Racing."
ON THE LAST PIT STOP: "We gambled a little bit with staying out a little bit longer. That is always a risk. The later you make that last stop, or even you back-track a little bit, you risk getting caught out with a full-course yellow. However, if it goes green you have a shorter fill at the very end. That is really where we gained all that time and track position; our fill at the end was shorter than anybody else because we were the last car to stop. It takes some luck in racing for sure, but I’m really, really happy with the result today."

OLIVER GAVIN - #4 Corvette C7.R:Finished 4th
"Today’s finish boiled down to that last pit stop. We had to take less fuel than the No. 3 car but the pressure was on the guys to execute on that final stop and they did an amazing job. The tires were done just as the fuel coming out as well. The car was down and Tommy just blasted it out of the pitlane. He then executed in that final stint and got past the Ferrari and just did a fantastic job. Fourth place for us today is like a win. If someone had offered us that at the start of the day with our starting position and the pace compared to our competitors… yes, it is like a win. We are still leading in the Driver’s Championship. We’ve extended in the Manufacturer’s Championship for Chevrolet, which is great. I really don’t think we could have asked for any more. A great job by everyone here at Corvette Racing – a real team effort."

JAN MAGNUSSEN - #3 Corvette C7.R: Finished 7th
"It was a pretty uneventful couple of stints for me and was about keeping our position. We were trying to stay ahead of the Porsches. It seemed like at certain points during the stint we could fight a little bit with the Ferrari but most of the time they can drive away like some of the other cars."

ANTONIO GARCIA - #3 Corvette C7.R: Finished 7th
"It was a disappointing day for our team in a lot of ways. Seventh place is not a result we are happy with. We will move ahead to Canada next weekend and try to improve on today."

"Today was a perfect example of why Corvette Racing never gives up. It was a combination of great strategy, great execution in the pits and great driving to come home with a fourth-place finish. We were able to maximize our results on a very challenging day, which every member of Corvette Racing and the Corvette community should be proud of."

The team now has less than a week to turn around and head to Canada for the second of back to back race weekends. IMSA has issued special BoP adjustments, knocking Ford back a notch and giving Corvette and Porsche some more performance. We have our doubts that it will be enough, but it's better than nothing.

IMSA: Special BoP Changes for CTMP

PODCAST: Doug Fehan on Le Mans Frustrations

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***For corvette racing always winning, seems some people don't like it.
--- Anonymous from unknown on 08.07.2016 at 11:50PM***

You'll never find this fan tiring of Corvette Racing winning race after race.

Race on, win on, CR.
--- SYF from Las Vegas, NV on 08.15.2016 at 6:46PM


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