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2016 Road America: What Just Happened?
2016 Road America: What Just Happened?
August 22 2016 06:38:49 PM ESTMichelin Alley
With just under 20 minutes to go, Road America was looking to be Corvette Racing's worst result of the season. The #4 Corvette was sitting P6 and the #67 Ford was leading, and looking like was going to take over the championship points lead.

During the final pit stop, the #4 crew made some adjustments that brought the car to life, but it was thought to be too late. The leading GTLM cars were far into the distance. Tommy Milner made a pass for position on one of the BMW to get up to 5th then full course caution came out and bunched everyone back up.

The green flag came out with 5 minutes left to race, and all hell broke loose.

Screenshots by Fox Sports

Photo by Michelin Alley

VIDEO: 2016 Continental Tire Road Race Showcase Broadcast

"An extraordinary finish! It was an amazing, amazing job by Tommy, the crewÖthe strategy at the end there! It just seemed like the car came alive. We made a change on that last stop, and it just brought the car to life. That was what we were missing in the first part of the race. I donít think Tommy can believe it. We were looking at fifth, then that caution came and it mixed everything up. There was contact and crazy stuff happening. It is just wonderful. This is such an amazing result for us and it is big, big, big for the championship. Iím so thrilled!"

"Iím speechless! I know everybody says that, but literallyÖ We did not have a very good car at the start; it was super loose. But Chuck (Houghton, No. 4 Corvette engineer) made a great change there at the very end; new tires, a bit more wing in the Corvette and it was the best race car I have ever had. I know I said that at Sebring, but this one somehow topped it. This is the best race car Iíve ever had in my life right there. At the end there, it seemed like the other guys couldnít get their tires up to temp, and mine were ready to go and were there. With two laps to go, there is nothing more that you could ask for than everyone in front of you and a Corvette underneath you!"

"The strategy sometimes works and sometimes it doesnít. Today was one of the days that it didnít. The car never really felt right today. We kept thinking it would come to us with the setup and tires. That has been the story of our season. Congratulations to Oliver and Tommy. We will keep working and hope to get on the right side of it at VIR."

"It was a good start. I had a chance to be a tiny bit aggressive into the first turn, but I backed off because I thought it was a little too early to try something that bold. After that things were good. I was able to stay with the lead pack. I thought we might have something for the Porsches especially with our tires. I didnít think we had the pace to win and just needed to stay close."

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Talking about VIR, go to Car & Driver site for their Lightning Lap results for the Grand Sport. I won't mention much...
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