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2016 VIR: Results
2016 VIR: Results
September 11 2016 09:40:21 PM ESTJan Magnussen PR
A week before VIR, the the testing, and it payed off. Corvette Racing qualified 1-2 at VIR.

Unfortuantly for the championship leading #4, it wasn't their race. They lost positions at the start and never regained. With a few minutes left in the race, oil on the track caused the #4 to have an accident.

The #3 Corvette however had a flawless race start to finish. This is the first victory of the #3 in 2016.

VIDEO: 2016 Michelin GT Challenge At VIR Broadcast

"We were all pretty equal all day in the class. The Corvette Racing team did a great job with the tire pressures. We had a plan where we would be better from the middle of the stint and not so much in the beginning. It wasnít much fun early on with the tires but as things went on our Corvette got better and better. Iím super happy. Itís our first win in a long time. We have had plenty of opportunities, so Iím really pleased and hopefully this starts a streak for us now!"

WE TALKED EARLIER AND YOU THOUGHT THE FIRST STINT WAS SPECTACULAR, BUT WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT ANTONIOíS STINT? "It was a fantastic drive by Antonio. He kept the gaps and opened them a little bit. I know it got a little scary at the end with one lap to go. It scared the hell out of me. But he did a fantastic drive and always does."

WINNING FIRST RACE OF 2016: "Oh man! Itís about time! It was a great job by the whole team all week. Green with one lap to goÖ I donít know what that was about; it scared the hell out of me. The No. 3 Corvette team has had a tough run this year and itís great to be back in the Winnerís Circle."

"It was really hot and super close. It was a very difficult, tricky race. The racing line was super narrow; I think thatís why we saw some mistakes at the end. I had a few up and downs in the race. Our pit stops were perfect. After the tire pressures went up and stabilized, the Corvette felt great. I was able to make a little bit of a gap in traffic but it went back and forth. It was just like qualifying except you are trying to save fuel. Luckily I was able to run a good pace and economy with our Chevy engine. I got a really good job on the restart and already had a good gap at the start-finish line. Iím happy for Jan and everyone at Corvette Racing. We have been so close so many times this year that I really think our No. 3 Corvette crew deserved it today."

YOU HAD TO SAVE FUEL AT TIMES AND THEN YOU SAW THAT FULL COURSE CAUTION AT THE END. FUEL WAS NO LONGER A CONCERN, I THINK IT WAS MORE ABOUT THE CARS BEHIND YOU? "Yeah, it was a very hard race. My team got me a three- to four-second gap and then it was a classic green/white/checkered. Not even green then white, it was like white and checkered. It was an amazing race and the Corvette was brilliant. So I just need to thank the whole Corvette team and Chevy. Corvette Racing did a fantastic job today. It really paid off to be out testing on Monday and Tuesday (at Road Atlanta). I have to say, because the car was fantastic."

"Itís obviously a disappointing way to end the day. We heard reports that there may have been oil or fluid down near the final turn so maybe that contributed to the incident. The Corvette C7.R is a very strong and well-built car, and we are always thankful for that. It seemed like today we got behind and never could catch up. That is how difficult it is in this championship. We are still thankful to maintain a points lead and will do whatever we can to protect that lead over the final two races."

"Itís hard to pass and make up ground. I kind of got hung out at Turn One and didnít have much grip. I had to play some avoidance also with a couple of the cars in there and had some junk on my tires. My first lap free from the pitlane was a case of me going too fast and got loose. The car would understeer behind everyone else, and I didnít realize how loose it was. It was a mistake on my part."

"This race today was victorious today on two different levels. Obviously for the Corvette Racing team, Jan and Antonio to bring the No. 3 Corvette home first after battling all day against the best competition of the world speaks very highly of not only the crew work but the engineers that put together a setup that they could race for an entire day in this extreme heat. That should never be overlooked. On another level, I think this is one of the best races we have had since the sports car merger in 2014. The Balance of Performance was very, very tight. You only had to look at the practice times, qualifying or the race times to see that any of the cars that started the race today had the capacity to win. And thatís what makes great racing. So we were all winners today Ė everyone who participated today in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship."




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