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Johnny Lightning

We hooked up a Helmet Cam & mic to Johnny O to capture his view with running commentary as he lapped Le Mans.

Window glare wiped out the race track view and the that mighty V8 provided the only sound, but what we did capture was Johnny O'Connell's business view of racing the #63.

Watch his amazing driving and lightning reflexes as he runs the circuit de la Sarthe.

We guess to get the "track view" we should stick to hanging the camera in front of the windshield!

Check it out as we go and try again.

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Cool how he keeps checking the "rear mirror" (the lcd screen) all the time on the straights :) Can really see the pain of being all the time ready to be overtaken by LMP cars...
--- LeMansFan from Finland on 07.03.2008 at 3:45PM


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